The American Health Care Industrial Complex

Your Freedom Is At Stake

Some Americans don’t want single payer health care and it’s a mistake. Here’s what these people are missing. Currently health care is coupled to your employment in the form of insurance. This is not a good idea and here’s why. Single payer health care is about more than health care, it’s about freedom. I will explain this by telling you about myself.

I have government health care for life. This gives me freedom that the majority of Americans don’t have. Because of this freedom I can start my own business or take a job I like but doesn’t provide health insurance or live in a tent if I desire and still have health care. I have to say that I paid dearly for this health care. Imagine what your life would be like if health care wasn’t an issue. First and foremost, you wouldn’t live in fear of getting sick. Second and just as important, you wouldn’t have to stay in a job you didn’t like. This in turn gives you freedom you never had. And it gives your children freedom. This is why I say your freedom is at stake.

We all know the politicians are controlled by Corporate America. Corporate America doesn’t want employees to have any power. This is why the politicians from both parties destroyed the unions. So imagine the power you would have if your health insurance wasn’t coupled to your employment or there was no health insurance industry. You will never hear a politician discuss the decoupling of your health insurance from your employment. In other words, the oligarchs will not give you your freedom. You will have to take it. If you are not willing to fight for yourself, at least fight for the freedom of your children and grandchildren. We can start this fight for freedom by having the discussion. Here’s the link to your representatives U. S. Congress.


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